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15 May

After a long day of hauling heavy furniture and boxes across the greater St.L area, I began hearing an electrical pop every time we’d hit a bump. There’s a short grounding out in the cab somewhere. Headlights went out just as I pulled down my street. Looks like I’ll be replacing the harness asap.

2012-05-12 17.04.02.jpg

2012-05-12 19.30.09.jpg
(Pardon the hubcaps. I finally got a fourth beater but I took em all off at the warehouse just to see what it looked like for a day or two.)

I wasn’t all bummed. A block or two back at a traffic light just before the headlights cut out, some guy pulled up, shot a couple compliments my way and asked if I was interested in selling. That’s happened twice since we buffed the rust out.

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