Fun stuff! (Pt. 5)

7 Jun

I’m a sucker for old hand painted illustration/advertising work. As such, I tend to collect the stuff. So, I picked up some maps and other literature from around ’51.

One day I’ll get a Rt.66 road trip in.

2012-06-06 17.23.08.jpg

2012-06-06 17.23.59.jpg

Original 1951 Chevrolet Advanced Design Truck brochure.

2012-06-06 17.34.23.jpg

2012-06-06 17.25.01.jpg

2012-06-06 17.27.42.jpg

2012-06-06 17.27.59.jpg

2012-06-06 17.29.08.jpg

2012-06-06 17.29.50.jpg

2012-06-06 17.31.03.jpg

2012-06-06 17.30.24.jpg

2012-06-06 17.31.55.jpg

2012-06-06 17.31.22.jpg

2012-06-06 17.33.01.jpg

2 Responses to “Fun stuff! (Pt. 5)”

  1. Tj June 7, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    I have that bruchure for 1954! Previous owner had a whole sack of them I guess so he gave me one with the purchase! -Tj

    • edifate June 11, 2012 at 7:36 am #

      Awesome! From what I understand there are a couple different versions for each year. I had never seen this one and the price was right so I jumped on it. I’m slowly collecting all the old literature from the AD years. Just found a sales poster from ’51 that I’ll post up once it arrives.

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