A bit of wood work on a warm summer’s eve…

4 Aug

After returning a ton of stuff to the local big box hardware mega center with no receipt and ending up with a small fortune in store credit, I figured I’d buy what I needed to build the low stake sides I’d been thinking about adding.
Went with 1×4″ white pine for the sides and a 1×6″ for the front. At the rear above the gate I’ll be adding a single 1×6″ removable piece that attaches with cotter pins. All hardware will be stainless.

As the sun set I could see lightening to the west as a storm moved in so I was only able to get the posts, sides and front cut and drilled. …not too shabby for mocking it all up by sight and eye-balling all my cuts and holes.





Better pictures to come…
The plan is to cut the final pieces then sand and start varnishing everything this week.

Since the rain blew in I figured I’d switch gears and work on the horn for a bit. Sounds great, just needs paint.


(Cool site on the Delco Remy Division of GM – http://www.delcoremyhistory.com/Products/horns.htm)

As for getting the ol’ girl running, I’m waiting on a dual action glass bowl fuel pump that is currently en route before pulling things apart. Currently she runs well enough to move her in and out of the garage and around the block. …I don’t dare go any further than that for fear of another tow.

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