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28 Jul

My weekend!



Installed the new stainless fuel sending unit and changed the oil the weekend before and added a bottle of lead additive and 4oz Marvel Mystery Oil to a +/- half full tank with the intention of heading over to the gas station to fill up. Life happened and I never made it.

Fast forward to Thursday… I took the truck to meet a friend for lunch headed back home after to get the gas card and died once on the way home and again on the way to the station. Couldn’t get it to fire up after the second time so the girlfriend and I made use of the new tailgate chains while waiting in the heat for a tow.

Friday… Got it idling well, so I decide to head over to the station and fill up. Dead again in the same spot about a mile from my house.

Saturday morning… Got a 5gal can and drove to the gas station in my other car. While we were at it, we also replaced a hacked off carburetor stud and installed the proper carburetor insulator/spacer and re-tuned the carb. Runs great now and the fuel gauge works!

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