Ol’ farm gurl gits a make over! …Fun stuff! (Pt. VII)

22 Aug

Got around to cutting the original bumper off yesterday and installed a better condition MBC stamped replacement along with a pair of stainless bumper guards. Started a while back when I took the hitch and rear bumper off but wasn’t able to get two of the bolts out of the front so I just left it loosely bolted on.

Also finally did the headlight bucket gaskets, stainless trim rings and seals, and stainless visors.




Turned out to be an original. The rear it came with and the replacements I picked up are all stamped with “MBC” (Michigan Bumper Company?)

Difference in bolts. New fully stainless vs old stainless capped.
They’re not a perfect match and the original came with flat heads on the ends and domed for the center three. New are all domed but I like the larger shoulder.

Old fog lights. Surprisingly they came right off with a ratchet and a 19mm socket. The glass lenses had ‘Guide Tractor Light’ cast in them. Looks like they used to be red.
(pics to come)

Old fog light mounted as a back-up light.
(pics to come)

New Guide fog lights set in place. …still need to cut the bumper filler/splash apron so the brackets can pass through.

More pics…



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