Fun stuff! (Pt. Fer)

29 Feb

Thinking ahead, summer is around the corner … So I picked up 1940-50’s Trico vacuum powered, twin blade, column mounted defog/cooling fan. …and another for a NOS Trico fan thats missing its cage.

Come spring, with all the parts I have sitting around, this truck is gonna get decked the f out!

Trico vacuum fans

NOS Trico vacuum fan

Also got a NOS Service Record/Travel Log clip on mirror.


And found, in a box of stuff in the spare room, a 6v spotlight given to me by my former father in-law. Turns out this exact type (mine is sans the GM stamp on the handle) was offered as an accessory by dealers in the 50’s.


Its fun collecting period correct accessories but I gotta get the damn thing running and lowered asap.

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