A Clean House and the Winter To-Do List.

18 Dec

Tis’ the season to git shit done! Bout mid fall I got a grinding/rubbing noise as I was getting on the highway. It went away before the next exit so I just kept going but it came back the next time I took her out which was right about the time I woulda packed the ol’ girl away for the winter anyways. Noticed a drag in the driver side front wheel that might be the issue. Disc brake conversion is sitting in the basement so no real worries there. Tho I did notice the guy I bought the kit off of failed to mention he’d tacked the studs on, otherwise they spin freely…worst case, I have the Bendix drums on my stock axle. Might also be the transmission but I have a Saginaw 4spd to cure that …SO… my winter to-do list is as follows –

Brakes – Front discs, rear drums, dual MC, new lines.
Transmission – Swap the original 3spd for a rebuilt Saginaw with a Patrick’s torque tube adapter.
Transmission – attempt to rig up the column shifter as a 4OTT with reverse on a cable.
Heat – Install restored fresh air heater.
Lube – Oil/filter and chassis.
Paint? – Perhaps a rattle can prime and satin job this spring.

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